It’s a Pointless World

Bullets kill. US Army recently accepted it. And it is time you do too.
I am talking about the bullets which are shot through your screens and not guns. Bullets you use to present your point. To power your point.
For thousands of years, knowledge was transferred through stories, pictures and dance. When you get to interpret [...]

Hair and There

I love hairsalons. I think they are great employers. They treat all their employees equally. If you try asking for the best hair stylists, they will usually tell you that all of them are good.
But they are not as good with their customers. The customer usually gets assigned the one that’s free or the trainee, [...]


We all live in an imperfect world. But that’s not the whole truth.
We all live because it is an imperfect world. Imperfections give us something to do. And every being on this planet is here for a purpose. If the purpose goes missing, so do we.
Everyday, every single penny that we shell is in exchange [...]

Springing into action

I glanced around at first and my reaction was a little different than expected. I was not in awe of this great tall structure. It was more of a “hmmm”, until I shook myself and became fully aware. This is what happens when you’ve been on a regular dose of special effects movies. You start [...]

How to Predict What You'll Like? Ask a Stranger

An important thing in WoM publicity one needs to consider. An interesting read. Target the near and dear ones of the target consumers than tell the consumers what to buy?
How to Predict What You’ll Like? Ask a Stranger – TIME..

The Games People Play

Evita is not exactly a role model for today’s corporate woman. Atleast not to the public. Intentionally or unintentionally everywhere we see the use of the feminine sex-appeal at workplace. By women themselves, or their influence. Lady luck, some might call it, others just plainly refer to it as the feminine charm.
I landed up in [...]

Dirty Choices

Amnesty. Kindness. Warmth.
Do the right people really get it?
Terrorists are given a free pass… allowed to surrender.
Criminals get to reform in jails. Early release if they behave well.
But we let the ‘filth’ of our society lie in one corner while we pretend it doesn’t exist. There is not exit strategy in place for them. There [...]

Google Earth Goes Deep With Ocean Simulations –

Google famous for bringing large changes through change.
Would ready information and real-time comparison of the past and present bring about a larger change… or maybe a revolution to save the planet?
Along with information, people should also be informed about whys and hows too.
Google Earth Goes Deep With Ocean Simulations –


Minimalising and streamlining just does not happen in processes and objects. We see it in languages too. Long phrases become shorter. Long words are chopped and rearranged. And the SMS language has achieved further milestones in this arduous task.
Overused, abused and overhyped. The word we constantly use to identify ourselves, to describe ourselves… The word [...]


Overused. Misunderstood. Ill-defined.
So we talk. We discuss. We debate. We show. We gesture. We cry. We hug. We email. We chat.
Each and all of them usually are polished and veiled cries to be understood and appreciated. Almost all the time, our communication is about getting people to understand what we mean and feel.
How many times [...]